Some knowledge of Statistics is required for the MCAT and some health professions schools recommend or require a semester of Statistics.  The combination of one semester of Calculus I and one semester of Statistics will fulfill most Math requirements for schools.  You might choose:

  • Statistics 101 or 102 (these do not require Calculus)
  • Statistics 111 or higher (these are Calculus-based)
  • Biology 304
  • Psychology 201 (this course has a prerequisite of two Psychology courses) or
  • Sociology 333 (for Sociology majors)  

Note that if you are a Trinity student, there is a curriculum requirements for two courses coded QS, and one of the QS courses must be taught in the Math, Computer Science or Statistics departments.  If you have entered Duke with AP credit in Math and do not intend to take any Math or Computer Science courses here, then a wise choice is to take Statistics 101, 102 or higher as this course will count toward the QS requirement.  In this instance, one QS course would come from Statistics and the second QS would be a Physics course (Physics 141L, 142L etc are all coded QS).