Recommended Duke Courses

Below is a short list of recommended courses for all premed, predental and prevet students.   More details, suggestions and occasionally alternative ideas will be found in the individual sections on Chemistry, Math, Biology etc. 

CHEMISTRY and BIOCHEMISTRY - complete one sequence

  • Chem 99D, 101DL, 201DL, 202L, 210DL, Biochem 301

  • Chem 101DL, 201DL, 202L, 210DL, Biochem 301

  • Chem 20 (AP), 110DL, 201DL, 202L, Biochem 301

  • Chem 21 (AP), 201DL, 202L, Biochem 301  or  Chem 21 (AP), 201DL, 202L, 210DL, Biochem 301

MATH and STATISTICS - complete one course in Calculus I and one Statistics class

  • Math 105L + 106L (Calculus I spread over two semesters)

  • Math 111L (Calculus I in one semester)

  • Math 121 (Calculus I by transfer)

  • Math 21 (Calculus I by AP credit)


  • Statistics 20 (AP), Statistics 101, 102 or higher, Biology 304, Psychology 201, or Sociology 333

BIOLOGY - complete two Biology courses with lab and add a Physiology course

  • Biology 201L (Molecular Biology)
  • Biology 202L (Genetics, Evolution)
  • one Physiology course (Biology 329D, 329L, 278LA or Cell Biology 503(No longer offered as of Spring 2018))

PHYSICS - complete one sequence

  • Physics 141L and 142L  (or 151L and 152L)   (or 161L and 162L)
  • Physics 25 (AP) and 142L (or 152L or 162L)
  • Physics 26 (AP) and 141L (or 151L or 162L)
  • Physics 25 and 26 (AP)  - Trinity students should enroll in 141L or 142L 

PSYCHOLOGY - choose one course

  • Psy 101
  • Psy 106/107 (cross-listed as Neurosci 101)
  • or other course that addresses the behavioral determinants of health care

SOCIOLOGY - choose one course

  • Sociology 110D
  • or other course that addresses the social determinants of health care, or self study


  • Writing 101 + two W courses for the curriculum (Trinity students)
  • Writing 101 and one more (an English course, a writing course, or AP English (Pratt students)


Some schools may have additional requirements, either in the sciences or in the humanities, and these may change in the next few years.  Periodically check the websites of schools in your home state and any others you are interested in, to monitor their requirements, expectations, and policies.



Pratt Students

If you are a Pratt student, follow the schedule that Pratt recommends and work in prehealth courses wherever possible.  Placing some coursework (including organic chemistry) into the summer may be helpful.  You should enroll in:

  • Physics 151L, 152L instead of Physics 141L, 142L
  • BME 244L (Quantitative Physiology with Biostatistical Applications).  This replaces Biology 202L and a Physiology course and a Statistics course.  Biology 202L becomes optional and you can enroll or self-study the material for the MCAT.   
  • An English or writing course?  Be careful of the English requirement.  Some medical schools require 2 semesters of English, others require 2 semesters of writing.  Writing 101 will serve as one semester.  Your second semester might be an English course, a course coded W, or an English course coded W.  Check the requirements of the schools you think you will apply to.
Pre-Dental Students

Follow the guidelines above but check the websites of dental schools to which you're interested in applying. Some schools may require additional coursework in Biology (e.g. Microbiology and Anatomy). See the Duke Predental website.   

Pre-Vet Students

Follow the guidelines above and later on, check the websites of veterinary schools you are applying. Some schools may require/recommend Microbiology, Anatomy, sometimes a second semester of Biochemistry (Biochem 302), as well as Animal Nutrition, Animal Science, and Public Speaking. Animal Science courses are not taught at Duke. You can enroll in these at North Carolina State University in Raleigh during the regular fall or spring semesters as interinstitutional courses. Alternatively, you may enroll in an accredited institution in the summer. More details on course recommendations for veterinary schools can be found at the Duke PreVet website. 

Preparation for Physical Therapy, Physicians Assistant, Pharmacy and Nursing

Begin with Math, Chemistry and Biology, then check the websites of schools to which you might apply. Requirements can vary greatly from school to school.