Math requirements vary greatly among medical and other health professions schools. Many require no Math at all. Some require Algebra; others specify Calculus. Some will allow Statistics to count as a Math course. However, if you are going to take Physics at Duke, then you must have a background in Calculus. 

Our recommendation is that prehealth students have the equivalent of one semester of Calculus (Calculus I). This can be through:

  • Math 21 (AP credit)
  • Math 111L 
  • Math 105L and 106L (Calculus I is spread out over two semesters)
  • Math 121 (transfer credit)

Calculus I fulfills the minimal Math prerequisite for Physics 141L and 142L at Duke.  If you have Calculus I and add one semester of Statistics, this combination should satisfy the Math requirement for most medical schools.  The one exception, to our knowledge, is California Northstate Medical School, which currently requires 2 semesters of Calculus/Statistics and which will not accept AP credit.  Note that some majors, e.g., Chemistry, Neuroscience (BS degree), Physics, Biophysics, Economics, Math, and Statistics, require a second Calculus course (Calculus II) and sometimes Multivariable Calculus or more.