Schedule 4: Adding Chem 99D, Math 105L and 106L

First-year Chem 99D Chem 101DL -
  Math 105L Math 106L  
  Writing 101/Seminar Writing 101/Seminar  
  - -  
Sophomore Chem 201DL Chem 202L Study Abroad
  FL 1 FL 2  
  - Biology 202L  
  - -  
Junior Chem 210DL Biology 201L -
  FL 3 Physics 141L  
  Psychology -  
  - -  
Senior Physics 142L Biology 329L  
  Biochem 301 Statistics MCAT
  - - apply
  - - gap year

Add sociology where you can or self-study.

Duke offers special classes (Chem 99 and Math 105L, 106L)  if you are just beginning in chemistry and math. See the chemistry and math websites for more information and placement recommendations.

The combination of Math 105L and 106L replaces Math 111L.  Math 105L, 106L should be sufficient to allow you to enroll in Physics 141L and 142L.  If you need to go on to higher levels of math because of your major or interest in math, your next course after Math 105L, 106L would be Math 112L.

When you complete Chem 99D, your next course in chemistry will be Chem 101DL.

In this example, all three summers are free.  Study abroad might best be placed in the summer, so that fall/spring course loads are more manageable.  You would take the MCAT and apply as you graduate, and then take a gap year.