Being a Reapplicant

We understand having to reapply may be a last-minute decision if you are still awaiting decision(s), but we encourage you to be proactive instead of reactive so you will be ready to resubmit again in early June. If you did not fill out the Intent to Apply Form before May 1, please email Associate Director Megan Kelly Tisdale directly.  We can still set up a file for you and place you on the list of applicants; RMA appointments are full, but we will try to work you into our schedules.

If you plan to apply to medical schools again, we are glad to continue to work with you (in person, by email, phone, or skype) if you wish to reapply.  There are several things to keep in mind. 

  • Take some time to reflect on your first application, e.g., if it represented your strengths, told your story about why you were choosing medicine, and if there were any weaknesses in clinical experience, research, MCAT, GPA or application content.
  • Some medical schools offer to provide feedback on your application, so reach out and ask.
  • Plan to demonstrate significant growth or change from your first application to the second. 
  • Consider reworking your experiences, personal statement and secondary essays in your second application.  You might also change who you have asked for a letter of recommendation.
  • You may decide to skip a cycle and spend a year enhancing your application before applying again.
  • You might re-evaluate your school list so you can apply to schools that are a better match, or where you are not a reapplicant.
  • If you need to retake the MCAT, be sure to prepare well.

How to Request Advice    

If you will not need a Committee Letter from us, but would like advice on preparing a new application, choice of schools, or who to ask for letters of recommendation, then we are glad to help.  You can make an appointment (phone, skype, in person) with one of our prehealth advisors (

Before an appointment, please send to the advisor you are meeting with a copy of your previous verified application, as well as a recent resume or paragraph describing what you have done since the last application.

How to Request a Committee Letter

If you wish to use our office for a committee letter, email us at ( and explain that you intend to reapply.  Include the following in your email:

  • Subject line: Reapplicant 2020M
  • Indicate which cycle(s) you applied in and to which programs (AMCAS, AACOMAS, TMDSAS)
  • Explain if you had any interviews or feedback from medical schools about your application. 
  • Write a paragraph updating your application, telling us what you have done (employment, education, clinical experience, other) since your previous application.
  • Add a list of who you will be using for letters of recommendations (if different from the last cycle).  Note that we will no longer be collecting or submitting letters of recommendation for you.  Please be sure to check out the Letters of Recommendation section for detailed instructions.
  • Add a list of medical schools you intend to apply to (if different from the last cycle). 
  • Attach a copy of your last verified AMCAS application.

If you have not previously received a Committee Letter from us, we will ask you to schedule an RMA (Review My Application) appointment.  You do not need to fill out an RMA form.  We will use your verified AMCAS application and email in place of the RMA form.

If you have previously received a Committee Letter from us, then we will update our Committee Letter based on the new information you provide in the email.  You do not need to fill out an RMA form.  We recommend that you schedule an RMA appointment so we can offer tips and suggestions for the next application, but it is not required for us to do an updated Committee Letter.

If you graduated before 2016, then please contact us to discuss options.  A Committee Letter is not necessarily appropriate or helpful for non-traditional applicants.

And if you are enrolled in or have completed a Special Masters or Post Bac program, talk with your program to see what advising services they offer and if they offer a committee letter.  Often their committee letter will provide you with a stronger application than what we can do.