Being a Reapplicant

The decision to reapply to medical school hinges on numerous factors, not the least of which is potentially waiting for decisions from medical schools regarding waitlists or application holds. For some individuals, the decision to reapply may not be solidified until late spring because of these timing issues. However, we encourage you to be proactive instead of reactive so you are ready to resubmit again in early June if you decide to do so.  If you plan to reapply in Summer 2022 for 2023M cycle, please Declare Your Intent to Apply by April 1, 2022.  If you are currently in the 2022M cycle we suggest you wait until mid to late Spring before deciding if you may need to reapply next cycle.  At that point even if you are not yet completely sure you will reapply; it is much easier to let us know you have been admitted to medical school(s) and cancel any appointments you may have made with our office rather than finding time to meet when our schedules have already filled closer to the application submission date. We are glad to continue to work with you (in person or virtually, e.g. email, phone, or Skype) in the reapplication process.

Several factors to consider as you decide/prepare to reapply to medical schools:

  • Review and reflect on your first application and ask yourself the following questions: a) How well did my application represent my strengths and tell my story about “why medicine” for me? b) What, if any, weaknesses in clinical experience, service outside of healthcare, research, leadership/teamwork, MCAT, GPA, or application content may exist in my application? c) How well did my list of schools align with the competitiveness of my application?
  • Reach out to medical schools that rejected your application for feedback on your application. From those schools that provide feedback, you may receive some very insightful information to assist you in crafting a stronger application moving forward. We strongly recommend soliciting feedback from medical schools!
  • If you decide to reapply, plan to demonstrate significant growth or change from your first application; this may include additional experiences, further coursework, a stronger MCAT score, and more.
  • Consider reworking your experiences, personal statement, and secondary essays for your next application. You are in a different place than you were a year ago and subsequent experiences may have influenced you in ways that need to be communicated in your next application.
  • Review the list of individuals who wrote letters of recommendation for your application and consider any changes you may want to make.
  • You may decide to delay reapplication and instead spend a year enhancing your application before you reapply.
  • You might re-evaluate your school list so you can apply to schools that are a better match, or where you are not a reapplicant.
  • If you plan to retake the MCAT, develop a preparation plan that works for you and supports you in achieving your target score.


How to Request a Committee Letter


If you graduated in 2020 or later and wish to request a committee letter from our office, make sure you have first Declared Your Intent to Apply.  Once you are verified in Spring 2022 email us at with the following:

  • Subject line: Reapplicant 2023M
  • Attach a completed Reapplicant 2023M form to provide us with information about your reapplication, some of which will be used for your committee letter
  • Attach a PDF of your last verified AMCAS application
  • Attach a PDF of your verified 2023M application, following the directions in the 2023M Duke Guide of who to list for your committee letter.

If you have not previously received a Committee Letter from us, please schedule an RMA (Review My Application) appointment and complete ONLY the essay section of the RMA form, which is included in the Reapplicant 2023M form. We will use your verified AMCAS application and Reapplicant 2023M form in place of the experience section of the RMA form.

If you have previously received a Committee Letter from us, we will update our previous Committee Letter based on the new information you provide in the Reapplicant 2023M form. We recommend that you schedule an RMA appointment so we can offer tips and suggestions for the next application, but it is not required for us to write an updated Committee Letter; you do not need to complete an RMA form for this appointment.

If you are enrolled in or have completed a Special Masters or Post Baccalaureate program, talk with individuals in your program to see what advising services they offer for reapplication and whether they offer a Committee Letter. A program’s Committee Letter may provide you with a stronger and more recent evaluation of your academic strengths from their observation of your performance and activities in the program. If your program does not write committee letters, contact us to discuss options.

We are here to support you as you consider next steps on your journey to becoming a physician!