Applying to Medical School in Summer 2019 For Matriculation in Fall 2020

If you plan to apply to medical schools in summer 2019 for matriculation in fall 2020, please follow the instructions on this page.  If you are a reapplicant, follow the special instructions on the "Being a Reapplicant" page in the left sidebar instead.  There are also Application Resources at the bottom of this page, including the slides from our Kick-Off Meetings in November and January.


  • Fill out the Intent to Apply Form.  We will set up a file for you and place you on the list of applicants who would like to schedule an RMA and/or we will write a Committee Letter for.  

                   Declare your Intent to Apply by filling out the Intent to Apply Form

FEB – MAY 2019

  • Begin to work on a draft of your application - this is the RMA (Review My Application) form.  It allows you to list and describe the experiences that have been significant to you, answer short essay questions that help you develop your story, choose who will write Letters of Recommendation for you, and identify schools you may apply to.  It will take you time to write and to research schools, so plan to work on this over a period of weeks.

                RMA Instructions for 2019  

                RMA Form for 2019

  • Schedule an RMA meeting with your prehealth advisor to go over your RMA form using the RMA appointment calendar below.  Your advisor will give you suggestions for a strong application and can answer any questions you have.  Your RMA meeting also gives us preliminary information for your Committee Letter.  We will have RMA appointments available from February until early May.  Plan ahead so you can finish your RMA form in time for your meeting. Because of the large number of applicants, we can offer only one RMA meeting per applicant each cycle and it may be difficult to reschedule an RMA meeting. 

Important!  Please email your completed RMA form and a recent resume to your prehealth advisor at least 3 business days before your RMA meeting so your advisor has time to review them.

                     Click here to schedule an RMA appointment

  • Watch our email announcements for info sessions this spring.  Currently we have these scheduled:

                  Health Professions Fair (Tuesday, March 26, 6 - 8 pm in Penn Pavilion)

MAY 2019

  • The AMCAS application opens and you can begin to enter information in early May.
  • When you enter the names of those writing a Letter of Recommendation, each will be assigned a Letter Writer Number.  Now give your AMCAS ID number and that Letter Writer Number to those individuals writing a Letter of Recommendation for you and they will be able to upload their letter directly to AMCAS.  You can send your writers our Instructions & Tips for Letter Writers.  
  • Have a final transcript sent to AMCAS with final spring grades once spring grades are posted.  Directions for Duke transcripts
  • Finalize the list of schools to which you will apply.
  • Finalize your personal statement.
  • Applying to Texas medical schools?  You may need to fill out the TMDSAS application form for these; some applications can be submitted in May.
  • Applying to Osteopathic medical schools?  You will need to fill out an AACOMAS application as well; some applications may be submitted in May.

JUNE 2019

  • Submit your AMCAS application as soon as the application service opens for submission (around June 1). 
  • The application service will then verify your application, i.e., will check and verify the listing of your courses and grades.  If you submit your application in the first week of June, verification may take a few days or a week.  If you submit your application in mid/late June or July, verification may take several weeks.  This delays the transmission of your application to medical schools.  If there are errors or inaccuracies during the verification process, you may submit an Academic Change Request to be reviewed by AMCAS.  After the review, the request can either be granted or denied.
  • After your AMCAS application is verified (a verified application will have a date in the upper right corner in the Processed Date Field), email a PDF of your verified application to the HPA Office.  This tells us that your application is complete and ready to send to medical schools.  We will then write and upload your Committee Letter to the application service within 10 business days.  The application service will release your Committee Letter to all the schools to which you are applying. 

                              Email verified application(s) to:

For TMDSAS applications, please forward the email you receive from TMDSAS stating that your application has been  transmitted to schools and attach a PDF of your application with that email.

For AACOMAS applications, you only need to send one school's application.

  • Follow AMCAS on Twitter for updates on what applications they are working on for verification.
  • Complete a CASPer test, if required (or recommended) for the schools to which you are applying.
  • AMCAS will begin releasing applications to medical schools at the end of June.

JULY 2019

  • Submit secondary applications within two weeks of receipt.  Some schools send secondary applications to all applicants; some send applications only after reviewing the primary application and some do not use secondary applications at all.  Each school has their own specific questions and essays and most will require a secondary fee.  Plan to have internet access and time to write these essays.  Note that you are not considered fully applied until the secondary application and fee have been received and you will not be considered for an interview until you have fully applied.  

AUGUST 2019 – APRIL 2020

  • Interview (we will do a mock interview with you if you’d like; contact us when you have an interview date set).  
  • Receive acceptances or waitlist notices from mid-October 2019 to July 2020.
  • Update your application as appropriate.
  • Send letters of interest or intent as appropriate.
  • Watch trafficking rules.  
  • Accept admission offers; if you have decided NOT to attend a school to which you have been accepted, promptly withdraw your application from that school.  


Application Resources

Application Kickoff Fall 2019 (November 28 & January 22; 6pm in Gross Hall 107): these are the slides of our information session on how to apply; if you didn't attend a session, you should review the slides here.

RMA Lab 2019 PowerPoint (February 7; 6pm in Physics 154): these are the slides of our information session on how to create a quality RMA draft; if you didn't attend this session, we encourage you to review the slides here.  We have also created a RMA Lab Handout with additional tips & pitfalls that you can review here.

School Selection Workshop (Wednesday, February 27, 6 - 7 pm in Social Sciences 311): these are the slides of our information session on how to create your school list; if you didn't attend this session, we encourage you to review the slides here.  We have also created School Selection Planning document to help get you started with your organization, that you can customize for your needs.

                    AAMC Core Competencies

                    Applying with AMCAS

                    2020 AMCAS Manual (Coming soon!)