Managing Acceptance

Acceptance Process Guidelines

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) and American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) have each adopted an acceptance process that medical school applicants are expected to know and follow, commonly referred to as “Traffic Rules.”  Please note that each service has different traffic rules so we encourage you to review both the AAMC Traffic Rules and the AACOM Traffic Rules.  These help to ensure that applicants are afforded timely notification of the outcome of their medical school applications and timely access to available first-year positions and that schools are protected from having unfilled positions in their entering classes. These recommendations are being distributed for the information of prospective medical students, their advisors, and personnel at the medical schools to which they have applied.

Interview Status

Once you have interviewed at a medical school you may receive one of a few notifications.  You could be accepted, rejected, waitlisted or given deferred action status.  A deferred status simply means they have not decided and is usually considered neutral as students may still be accepted.  It is appropriate to express continuing interest to schools at which you are waitlisted or assigned deferred action.

Receiving Acceptances

Receiving acceptances is exciting!  It also means additional navigation as you decide whether you should pursue and accept other interview invitations.  This is a personal choice and the Traffic Rules give some guidance.  Should you receive multiple acceptances you should notify schools you know you will not be attending that you are withdrawing yourself or declining their acceptance.  Allopathic schools will require a refundable deposit to hold a spot.  Osteopathic schools may require a deposit which may or may not be refundable.  You can make an appointment with our office to talk through options for you personally.