Application & Transcripts

Many health professions schools use a centralized application service so that you submit one application and they transmit your application to all of the schools you specify.  Refer to the appropriate web sites below for details and access to the applications themselves.

AMCAS (American Medical Colleges Application Service): MD (Allopathic Medical)

TMDSAS (Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service): Some MD, DO, Dental programs in Texas

AACOMAS (American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service): DO (Osteopathic Medical)

AADSAS (Associated American Dental Schools Application Service): Dental

PharmCAS (Pharmacy College Application Service): Pharmacy

VMCAS (Veterinary Medical College Application Service): Veterinary

CASPA (Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants): Physician Assistant

AMCAS Primary Application

  • The AMCAS application opens in early May so you can begin drafting your application then.  It is a long application and you may need to work through it in multiple sessions, saving the information you have entered.   AMCAS will begin to accept applications in early June. It is important that you submit your application as soon as you can so you are in the first group of applicants considered.    
  • There are 9 sections in the application. In general, you can work on them out of order, but in some cases you must complete one section before moving to another. The sections are: Identifying Information, Schools Attended, Biographical Information, Course Work, Work and Activities, Letters of Evaluation, Medical Schools, Essay(s) and Standardized Tests.
  • TRANSCRIPT INFORMATION: You will need to send official transcripts from ALL colleges or universities where you attempted college coursework.  Order a copy of your transcript for yourself and use this to enter your courses and grades on your primary application to ensure accuracy.  The listing of courses on your application must be identical to how courses are listed on your transcript(s).

To have the Duke Registrar's Office send your transcripts to AMCAS:

  1. Go to the registrar's Online Transcript Request Form (>Student Records>Transcripts and Verifications>"Order My Transcript")  Do not order your transcript using DukeHub.
  2. Fill out the requested information on the first page and click Next
  3. For Delivery Option, choose "Electronic PDF"
  4. For Recipient Name, enter "AMCAS"
  5. For Recipient Email Address, enter "AMCAS"
  6. For Additional Attachment, attach the AMCAS transcript request form

You can find the transcript request form on the AMCAS application (  Complete the "identifying information" section and the "schools attended" section of the application.  Doing so will pre-populate the transcript request form with information on the school (e.g., Duke), including the mailing address of the Registrar’s Office and your AAMC ID number. The Registrar’s Office will attach the transcript request form to the transcript that they send to AMCAS. The form will be used to help match the transcript with your application, reducing the chance for transcripts to be lost and avoiding delays in processing.

Although AMCAS will not begin to process your application until June, you can have your transcript sent before you submit your application. We recommend that you send your transcript(s) in May, as soon as final grades from the spring semester have been entered. 

Study Abroad and Foreign Transcripts are not accepted. If you participated in a Duke-approved study abroad program through a domestic institution other than Duke you will be required to submit a transcript from the sponsoring domestic institution. If you participated in a “Duke in” program  and have taken Duke courses, those courses and grades will be listed directly on your Duke transcript and these courses will be calculated into your AMCAS GPA. 

  • Once your primary application is complete and your transcripts have arrived, AMCAS will verify your courses and grades.  If you submit your application in the first week of June, verification may take a few days or a week.  If you submit your application in late June or July, verification may take several weeks.  This delays the transmission of your application to medical schools.  If there are errors or inaccuracies during the verification process, you may submit an Academic Change Request to be reviewed by AMCAS.  After the review, the request can either be granted or denied. 
  • When verification is complete, AMCAS will forward your application electronically to the medical schools that you designate on your application.
  • When verification is complete, email a PDF of your verified primary application to the Office of Health Professions Advising.  We will then release your committee letter to AMCAS.  AMCAS will then transmit the letter to the schools you are applying to. 

Secondary Applications

  • After AMCAS releases your primary application to the medical schools you have listed, those medical schools may request additional information or a "secondary" application.  Each school will have their own specific questions and essays and most will require a secondary fee.  If you have received a fee waiver through AMCAS, you may be able to have the secondary application fee waived.  Please note you are not considered fully applied until the secondary application and fee have been received.  You will not be considered for an interview until you have fully applied.
  • Some schools send secondary applications to all applicants.  Some schools send secondary applications only after reviewing the primary application (4 to 6 weeks after submission) and some do not use a secondary application at all.
  • Some examples of secondary essays requested by medical schools in the past can be found on
  • It is essential to keep your contact information with AMCAS current and to be available (especially via email) throughout the application process.