Plan Your Classes

Most prehealth classes are offered in both the fall and spring, but there are some exceptions. 

  • CHEM 99D (Introduction to Chemistry and Chemical Problem Solving), CHEM 110DL (Honors Chemistry: Core Concepts in Context), and MATH 122L (Introducotry Calculus II with Applications) are only taught in the fall.
  • BIOLOGY 201L (Gateway to Biology: Molecular Biology), PHYSICS 141L (General Physics I) and PHYSICS 142L (General Physics II) are also taught at the Duke Marine Laboratory.
  • BIOLOGY 278LA (Physiology of Marine Animals) is only offered at the Duke Marine Laboratory

Trinity Students

For Trinity students, the order in which you take premed courses is up to you. Most students will begin with Chemistry and Math, then add Biology and then Physics. Chemistry and Math are good introductions to logical thought and the development of study skills. Biology is often added next, as many prehealth students will consider this as a possible major. The topics learned in BIOLOGY 201L (Gateway to Biology: Molecular Biology) and BIOLOGY 202L (Gateway to Biology: Genetics and Evolution) may also directly apply to clinical experiences and research. Students who are not sure of their prehealth interests will often see how well they do in Biology before committing to Physics. However, prospective Physics, Biophysics or Chemistry majors should check websites of these majors and confer with these departments, as Physics classes should be scheduled earlier.

Pratt Students

Pratt students should follow the normal Pratt schedules and work in premed requirements whenever possible.