Health professions schools will look holistically at your application.  This means that in addition to your academic record, they will look at your personal qualities, experiences, abilities, accomplishments and potential.  As you begin to plan your time at Duke, you will want to gain ....

  • Exposure to health care, where you have engaged with patients, their families, or individuals with health care needs
  • Exposure to health care, where you have shadowed physicians or health professionals
  • Service to others, especially underserved populations and those in need
  • Engagement with people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles, for cultural competency
  • Knowledge of the social and behavioral factors that can influence health and health care
  • Research and problem-solving skills

For more details and suggestions on how to find experiences, see the topics listed in the left margin.  For more information about AAMC "competencies" see: