There are several reasons for prehealth students to include a Statistics class in their Duke coursework:

  • Some knowledge of Statistics is required for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
  • Some health professions schools recommend or require a semester of Statistics
  • Some majors require specific Statistics
  • Curriculum requirements require you to complete two Quantitative Studies (QS) courses at Duke, one of which must be in Math, Calculus or Statistics. If you are a prehealth student and have AP credit for Math and do not need to take a Math course at Duke, you can fulfill the QS curriculum requirement with a semester of Statistics in the Statistics Department —i.e., STA 101 (Data Analysis and Statistical Inference), STA 102 (Introductory Biostatistics), STA 103 (Statistics in the Courtroom) — and a semester of Physics —i.e. PHY 141L (General Physics I), PHY 142L (General Physics II), etc. are coded QS.  

Statistics courses/credit include the following:

  • STA 20 (AP credit)—General Statistics
  • STA 30—Basic Statistics and Quantitative Literacy 
  • STA 101—Data Analysis and Statistical Inference (for Humanities, Social Science majors) 
  • STA 102—Introductory Biostatistics; Data analysis, statistical inference (for Science and Prehealth students)
  • STA 103—Statistics in the Courtroom (for Social Science majors, Prelaw students) 
  • STA 111—Probability and Statistical Inference (requires Calculus I or equivalent)
  • PSY 201—Introduction to Statistical Methods in Psychology (requires 2 previous courses in Psychology or Neuroscience)
  • BIOLOGY 204—Biological Data Analysis
  • SOCIOL 333—Quantitative Analysis of Sociological Data (only for majors in Sociology)

Enrolling in Statistics in your first semester is appropriate if you are: contemplating a major in Statistics, will need Statistics for research you are doing, or are in a Focus program using Statistics. Otherwise, we recommend that you wait and choose a Statistics course after you have some experience with Duke courses and have an idea of what your major will be.

Any of the above courses are appropriate for review for the MCAT and for most health professions schools. Currently Texas A&M Medical School requires a Statistics course that is taught in a Math or Statistics department—STA 101 (Data Analysis and Statistical Inference) and STA 102 (Introductory Biostatistics) are always safe choices.