Psychology and Sociology

We recommend that premed students complete one course in Psychology and another in Sociology if possible for Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) preparation. 

  • PSY 101 (Introductory Psychology) and PSY 106 (Biological Bases of Behavior: Introduction and Survey) are excellent choices; you might also consider PSY 102 (Cognitive Psychology: Introduction and Survey), PSY 103 (Developmental Psychology: Introduction and Survey), PSY 104 (Social Psychology), PSY 205 (Health Psychology and Behavior Change), PSY 207 (Child Clinical Psychology), PSY 208 (Behavioral Aspects of Health), PSY 209 (Stress and Coping), PSY 220 (The Psychology of Gender) and others that address behavioral determinants of health care.   
  • SOCIOL 110D (Sociological Inquiry) provides a good introductory background. Advanced level courses—SOCIOL 211 (Social Inequality), SOCIOL 212 (Gender and Global Health), SOCIOL 263 (Aging and Health), SOCIOL 264 (Death and Dying) and others—that address the social determinants of health care may also be useful. Self-study or experience in a social science might also be sufficient.

NOTE: Health professions schools appreciate, recommend and sometimes require a background in the humanities and social sciences. Our suggestions above are minimal and we encourage you to take further coursework or gain experience in these areas. Medical schools in particular have stressed their desire to have incoming students broadly educated in the humanities and social sciences.