Psychology and Sociology

The MCAT requires some background in Psychology and Sociology, as there can be questions on the behavioral and social determinants that affect health and health care.  We recommend that you take a course in each:

Psychology 101 (Introductory Psychology) and 106/107 (Biological Bases of Behavior; also cross-listed as Neuroscience 101) are excellent choices.  You might consider Psychology 102, 103, 104, 205, 207, 208, 209, 220 or others based on your background and interest. 

Sociology 110D (Sociological Inquiry) provides a sound introduction, but you might also consider Sociology 211, 212, 263, 264, and others.

Although we recommend classes at Duke, you might also gain knowledge through self-study, experience, online course, or courses elsewhere.  

One last note:  health professions schools appreciate, recommend and sometimes require a background in the humanities and social sciences.  We encourage you to take further coursework, gain experience in these areas, and reflect upon their application to medicine.  Medical schools in particular have stressed their desire to have incoming students broadly educated in the humanities and social sciences.