Math requirements vary greatly among medical and other health professions schools. Many require no Math at all. Some require Algebra; others specify Calculus. Some will allow Computer Science and/or Statistics to count as Math courses. However, if you are going to take Physics at Duke, then you must have a background in Calculus. 

Our general recommendation is that prehealth students have the equivalent of one semester of Calculus (Calculus I).  This can be through:

  • MATH 21 (AP) (Introductory Calculus I) or
  • MATH 111L (Laboratory Calculus I) or
  • MATH 105L (Laboratory Calculus and Functions I) and MATH 106L (Laboratory Calculus and Functions II) or
  • MATH 121 (Introductory Calculus I)—Calculus I by transfer

This fulfills the minimal coursework for PHYSICS 141L (General Physics I), PHYSICS 142L (General Physics II) and if you add a semester of Statistics, it should satisfy any medical school requiring Math. (The one exception is UCLA which requires a year of Math and will not accept AP credit). Note: if you are majoring in Chemistry, Neuroscience (BS degree), Physics, Biophysics, Economics, Math and Statistics, you will need to add a second Calculus course (Calculus II) and sometimes a third (Multivariable Calculus) to fulfill major requirements.