Fulfilling Curriculum Requirements

Your prehealth courses will fulfill many curriculum requirements for you, such as Natural Sciences (NS), Quantitative Studies (QS), Research (R), Science, Technology, and Society (STS), Social Sciences (SS), Writing (W), and Small Group Learning Experiences (SGLE).  For example, the following courses currently have these codes.  But be aware that codes can change for a course in future semesters, so check a course's codes when you go to enroll and monitor your Advisement Report for your progress in curriculum requirements.

  • Biology 201L:  NS, STS
  • Biology 202L:  NS, STS  
  • Biology 278LA: NS, R, W
  • Biology 329D: NS  
  • Biology 329L: NS, R, W
  • Chem 201DL: NS, STS
  • Chem 202L: NS, STS
  • Math 105L, 106L, 111L, 112L, 121L and others: QS
  • Statistics 101, 102, 111 and others: QS
  • Physics 141L, 142L: NS, QS
  • Psychology 101: SS, NS
  • Psychology 106/107 (cross-listed Neurosci 101): NS, STS
  • Sociology 110D and other Sociology courses: SS
  • 1st Research Independent Study: R, SGLE, W (you need to apply for the W)
  • 2nd Research Independent Study: R, SGLE           

The curriculum requirements that you would need to fulfill with non-prehealth courses are: Writing 101, a first-year seminar, 2 ALP (Arts, Literatures, and Performance), 2 CZ (Civilizations), 2 CCI (Cross-Cultural Inquiry), 2 EI (Ethical Inquiry, your Foreign Languages (FL), and perhaps 2 Writing (W) depending on your choice of courses. Most prehealth students have no problem fulfilling curriculum requirements.

Remember that one of your 2 Quantitative Studies (QS) codes must be in a course in Math, Statistics, or Computer Science. If you have AP credit in Math and do not plan on taking Math or Computer Science at Duke, then enroll in a Statistics course in the Statistics department, rather than a Biology, Psychology or Sociology statistics so the course will count for the QS requirement.