Most prehealth schools require 2 semesters of "English" or "writing intensive" courses.  

Trinity Students

The combination of Writing 101 and two intensive writing (W coded) courses for curriculum requirements will usually satisfy this requirement.  AP credit is also accepted by most medical schools.

Pratt Students

You will complete Writing 101, but in the absence of AP credit, will need to add a second course. Since you are required to complete 5 courses from at least 3 Areas of Knowledge (ALP, CZ, FL and SS), you may be able to complete the "writing intensive" or "expository writing" requirement of some schools by taking one course that is coded "W". However, check the schools in your home state or those that you are interested in to see if their requirement is for English or writing-intensive courses.  A safe choice might be to enroll in an English course with a W code.