AP/IPC Credits and Course Choices

AP credit in Biology, Math, Chemistry, English, Physics, Statistics and Psychology will usually satisfy prehealth requirements and will be accepted by most health professions schools. If you have AP credit, we recommend you bypass courses you have credit for and go on to more advanced courses, following placement guidelines by departments. However, if you think that your AP course was not recent and that you have forgotten much and need a review, you could choose to begin at a lower level. 

However, there are a few medical schools that state on their website that they will not accept AP credit or will accept AP credit only if advanced coursework is taken instead. These are the schools that could be problematic for Duke students:

  • California: Loma Linda, UCLA and University of California at Riverside
  • Connecticut: Yale
  • Kentucky: University of Kentucky
  • New York: Cornell
  • Missouri: St. Louis University
  • Nebraska: University of Nebraska
  • Nevada: University of Nevada

If any of these schools are of particular interest to you, you should check their website occasionally and note their policies and requirements in coming years. A easy way to find their website is to do an internet search, e.g. search for "yale med school adm req". Before radically changing your schedule to conform to requirements of one of these schools, consider the following:

  • Your application is several years away
  • You might change your mind and not go to medical school
  • You might decide not to apply to this school
  • The medical school might change their requirements or accept AP credits later
  • You may be accepted and go elsewhere (since Duke students, on average, apply to 22 medical schools)
  • You can always add any missing course(s) during your junior or senior year, in the summer after graduation, or during a gap year.  

For instance, if you apply to one of the above schools and they require 4 or 5 chemistry courses, you could do the following sequences:

If you have AP credit in Math, the one school of concern is UCLA. You could take Statistics here, and then add a calculus course later if you really needed to.

If you have AP credit in Physics, enroll in both PHYSICS 141L (General Physics I) and PHYSICS 142L (General Physics II) if you need to.