If you are an athlete, you may have difficulty scheduling prehealth courses for several reasons. Practice sessions can restrict times available for specific courses, and particularly for courses with laboratories. It may be a challenge to carry a rigorous schedule in a semester in which you participate in your sport. It may also be difficult to find time for community service, clinical experience, shadowing or research. 

Most athletes will plan to spread their prehealth coursework over the full four years and apply to health professions schools after graduation, thus taking a gap year. Some athletes (including those who desire to play their sport professionally following college) have elected to take the required courses for heath professions schools at a later date through a postbaccalaureate "career changer" program. You should make sure to meet with your health professions advisor at least once a year to review your progress, choices and options.

Duke Student-Athlete Academic Support Services

The Student-Athlete Support Services Program exists to provide a supportive environment for student-athletes. The fundamental premise that underlies all else in the Department of Athletics is that each varsity athlete is first and foremost a student. The mission of the student-athlete support program is to assist student-athletes in reaching their full potential. The program assists student-athletes in finding and maintaining a balance between the demands of athletics and academics and in preparing for “life after sport”. Through collaboration and integration with campus resources; programs and services are designed to enhance student-athletes’ overall development, well-being, and undergraduate experience.