AdviseStream is a personalized online planning, reporting and tracking tool that will record your prehealth activities and achievements while at Duke. You should begin your AdviseStream account in your first year.

Sign up for AdviseStream

Important Reasons Why to Use AdviseStream Immediately

  • It allows you to describe your experiences while they are still fresh in your mind.
  • It allows you to precisely date experiences.
  • It allows you to have immediate access to your prehealth activities for resumes for employment, volunteer, and research opportunities.
  • It helps you to identify gaps in your prehealth planning.
  • It will help you to be organized when the time comes to complete your applications to professional schools.
  • It allows your health professions advisor to review your accomplishments and help identify your strengths and gaps in preparation.

Information You Will Place in AdviseStream

  • Courses and grades
  • Reflections on the courses you have found most meaningful
  • Your clinical experiences (working with patients, shadowing)
  • Your community service
  • Research activities (volunteer, work/study, paid, independent study)
  • Summer activities
  • Committees on which you have served
  • Leadership roles
  • International study
  • Organizations, businesses, groups you have initiated
  • And other meaningful activities and achievements

Your health professions advisors will have access to identified functions in your AdviseStream account and will use these to offer advice on how you are doing, whether you are on track, and if they have suggestions for further activities/engagements that might broaden and strengthen your plans and/or just be of interest to you.

You will use the information entered into your AdviseStream account to create an e-folio and resume to present yourself when you apply for research experiences or summer jobs. Then, when you apply to health professions schools, all inputs are available to you in the formats of major online application services. Use the writings tool to speed your secondary applications as you disclosure more complete information of importance to admissions committees.

At the end of each semester, you should log on to AdviseStream and update your work and accomplishments for that semester.

At the end of each summer, log on to AdviseStream and add your summer experiences.