Ideas for Finding Experiences


1.  DUKE STUDENT ENGAGEMENT VOLUNTEER FAIR:  Thursday Sept 7 2017, 11:30 am to 2:30 pm in Penn Pavilion on West Campus; student groups and service organizations will be there.

2.  DUKE PARTNERSHIP FOR SERVICE: Some student organizations are Duke Adopt-a-Grandparent, Public Health Brigades, Partners in Health Engage, Pancakes for Parkinson's, DukeHAND, Duke Durham Health Alliance, Duke Disability Alliance, Autism Speaks U Duke, GANO, Special Olympics College, Aspire, ArtsConnect, ScienceDays, Best Buddies, WISER, Project HEAL: Health Education and Awareness in Latin America, Know Your Status, GlobeMed, FEMMES, Duke Splash, Duke PAWS (animals), Duke Global Medical Brigades, and more.   (click on Student Organizations for lists) 

3.  COMMUNITY SERVICE CENTER:  American Reads America Counts, Bull City Fit Volunteers, and other programs  (American Reads, America Counts) and

4.   DURHAM VA HOSPITAL: across the street from Duke Hospital; volunteer with patients, transport, emergency room, hospice, requires 4 hours/week and a 6 month commitment; 919-286-0411 ext 7810

5.  DUKE SERVICE LEARNING PROGRAM:  service-learning classes.

6.  DUKE ENGAGE:  summer service with all expenses paid, in Durham, the US and abroad.

7.  DUKE STUDENT VOLUNTEER PROGRAM at Duke Hospital (for sophomores, juniors and seniors). Includes the Ambulatory Surgery Center, Arts and Health, Cancer Center Patient Support, Child and Adolescent Life, Emergency Department and others.   Requires a commitment for two academic semesters, 2 to 4 hours per week.   Applications for interviews begin August 1, interviews will be August 30 and 31, and there is a mandatory hospital orientation session on Saturday morning, Sept 16, 2017 at 9 am.  It is highly competitive.

8.  EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN training at Duke: currently no website

9.  DUKE REGIONAL HOSPITAL, EMERGENCY ROOM AMBASSADOR PROGRAM (requires a car) : for sophomores, juniors and seniors (requires 1 completed semester of university work), must commit to one 4-hour shift each week for the academic year, 80 hours total; see the full description in the HPA newsletter of August 10, 2017.  Application deadline is Sept 1, 2017, Interview dates Sept 11 and 12, Mandatory training Sept 21    Online application: ; Submit supporting documents to:;  Questions go to Paul Brocklebank, senior at UNC-CH (      Duke Regional Hospital:

 10.  HELPING HAND (requires a car):  prehealth internship program where you give care to seniors and disabled adults, including assisting with reading, preparing meals, providing respite for caregivers, etc; requires minimum of 10 hours/week, training is provided for working with older adults.

11.  LINCOLN COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER (requires a car):   staff the pediatric playroom/waiting area.  Call 919-956-4011              

12.  DUKE HOMECARE & HOSPICE (requires a car):

13.  CENTRAL REGIONAL HOSPITAL IN BUTNER (requires a car) :  you can participate as part of psychology courses you enroll in, or call the hospital at 919 764-2000 and ask to speak with the Director of Volunteer Services; there is an orientation program during the first 2 weeks of the semester that you will need to attend, then you will get a listing of possible placements and times; pediatrics and geriatrics are available.                     

14.  SAMARITAN HEALTH CENTER (requires a car):  Be a non-medical volunteer and help play with children, do projects, manage data, support a center that provides primary medical, dental and vision care to low-income residents in Durham

15. OTHER LOCAL: Volunteer Center of Durham:  and Wake Med

16.  PREHEALTH list serve:  be sure to join so you can receive periodic announcements.

17.  DUKE LIST:  advertises research, jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities.

18.  DUKE CENTER FOR CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: a general listing of programs at Duke and links.

19.   DIRECTOR OF ACADEMIC ENGAGEMENT for Global and Civic Opportunities:  For advice on local, national and international service, meet with a DAE for advice.

20.   DUKE CAREER CENTER:  resumes, internships, resources:


21.  HOME:  Check for positions and programs at home - your pediatrician, family doctor, friends of your family, local hospital or medical center, community groups, church, local schools, nursing homes, convalescent centers, rehabilitation centers, hospice programs. 

22.  For ideas about community service by zip code, see and

23. SUMMER HEALTH PROFESSIONS EDUCATION PROGRAMS:  SHPEPS are offered by a number of medical schools each summer; these are free, six-week programs that offer academic enrichment and health care exposure to students underrepresented in health professions (e.g.,  including individuals who identify as African American/Black, American Indian, Alaska Native, Hispanic/Latino, and those from communities of socioeconomic and educational disadvantage.)

24.  SCIENCE ENRICHMENT PREPARATION: The SEP Program is an 8-week summer program at UNC-Chapel Hill for talented rising sophomore and junior prehealth students.  All can apply, but they are especially interested in first-generation, underrepresented minority, or socioeconomically disadvantaged students.  All costs are covered and a stipend is    given.

25.  INTERNSHIPS:  The Rochester Institute of Technology Internship Search Page lists research, clinical patient interactions, health organizations, non-profits and others.





1.  UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH SUPPORT OFFICE:  This site has lots of information about how to get started, opportunities, summer research programs at Duke and elsewhere, undergraduate research links, summer research programs at Duke and elsewhere, grants you can apply for, assistantships and more.

2.  MUSER:  Search and apply for posted research positions in science and engineering labs; last day to apply for projects this fall is Sept 8 2017.



5.  SPECIFIC INTEREST?  Contact a departmental office and ask if there are jobs or volunteer positions available, or check their website.



8.  CHRONICLE:  The classified section of the Chronicle sometimes lists opportunities and jobs.

9.  INSTRUCTORS.  Enjoying a class?  Ask the instructor if he/she is doing research or if he/she can refer you to someone else who is.

10.  HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES:  You can find research in the arts, humanities and social sciences.  There are a number of interdisciplinary programs where faculty, undergraduates, graduate students and others work as "teams", and the projects are often ones where you can participate on and off over a number of semesters.  You could take an associated class, attend events, volunteer, join a team, do a research project, and/or enroll in a research independent study.  See the examples below.  Also check the departments in which you are considering a major to see what they   might offer or participate in.


Use all of your contacts and look for opportunities.  For instance, you might try ...

1.  HOME PEDIATRICIAN, FAMILY DOCTOR.  Contact family physicians at home; you might shadow during the summer or winter or spring breaks. 

2.  HOME HEALTH CARE.  Check with your local hospital, medical center, rehabilitation center, retirement home etc., or places where you volunteered in high school.

3.  FAMILY FRIENDS.  Check with family friends, health professionals you know.

4.  DUKE ALUMS.  Check for Duke alums in your hometown.

5.  RESEARCH CONNECTIONS.  If you are working in a medical research lab, ask if there are physicians connected with the research project.

6.  ATHLETE? SPORTS?  If you are an athlete or like sports, check into sports medicine and orthopedics.

7.  RECOMMENDATIONS.  When you finish with one shadowing provider, ask for suggestions of others.


Sophomores, juniors and seniors can shadow physicians, dentists and other health professionals at Duke Medical Center.   See the section on Health Care Experience Shadowing Physics.