Why Choose Duke?

Duke University offers a wealth of both academic and non-academic opportunities for growth. We do so in the context of a diverse student body, each member of which brings his or her talents and strengths to our campus. We have an extensive health professions advising program that is a part of the academic advising structure within Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and also serves students from the Pratt School of Engineering. The Trinity College curriculum guides students in a way that fosters depth in an academic discipline and breadth across several disciplines, with a particular emphasis on ethical inquiry, cross-cultural experience, and the impact of  science and technology on society. You will develop the traditional skills of a liberal education, including critical thinking, problem solving, synthesis, and effective communication. These are all skills that will be of value to you whatever you decide to do with your life, and incidentally, they are highly valued by health professions schools. Pratt students likewise have opportunities to learn these skills through both their Pratt courses and the courses they take in Trinity.

At Duke you will discover areas of study you never knew existed. You may find that your interests lead you to pursue a path in public health, psychology, public policy, or other fields that may or may not be related to health care. Should you decide that you do not want to pursue a  health profession, there will be many other options available to you. Your strong liberal arts education from Duke will prepare you for opportunities in a wide variety of career choices.

Duke Prehealth Planning

If you decide to pursue prehealth planning at Duke, there are a number of resources available to you through the Office of Health Professions Advising. Upon matriculation to Duke, each student is assigned a prehealth advisor.  We encourage our students to meet with their prehealth advisor at least once each year. We have a detailed prehealth advising website so that our students have access to prehealth information at all times.  Interactive, data rich experiences for collaborative decision-making are available to all students and alumni working with advisors through AdviseStream, our online advising system. We offer an array of prehealth programming on campus, and students are contacted regularly about opportunities through our prehealth e-mail lists. We also have opportunities for you to volunteer in a health care setting, observe health care professionals, and attend health professions school fairs with medical, dental, and other health professions schools from across the country.

Duke students and graduates are well received by medical, dental, veterinary, and other health professions schools across the country. We have an excellent rapport with professional schools, and our students enjoy a high rate of acceptance, including by the most competitive programs.

We invite you to explore our health professions advising website to learn more about the specifics of our prehealth advising program. The Career Center at Duke also provides a variety of resources for our prehealth students, including opportunities to meet alumni, contact student groups, find internships, and identify jobs and research opportunities. Please visit the Career Center website for more information.

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