College Search Checklist

Considering a career in the health professions? If so, you are probably investigating colleges and universities. You know you want a school that can help prepare you for your career, but what exactly should you be looking at?

Here's a checklist of qualities you should evaluate with all colleges and universities on your short list:
  • An excellent faculty and a reputation for high academic standards
  • Strong natural science departments with good laboratory facilities
  • A broad range of courses in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences
  • Extracurricular activities that appeal to you and give you a chance to participate in new experiences and to develop leadership skills
  • Opportunities for exposure to patient care
  • Opportunities for you to contribute to your college community and other communities
  • Opportunities for research or other scholarly activity
  • A strong prehealth advising program with a track record of sending students on to train in heath professions
  • A place that “feels right” for you but at the same time is one that will challenge you to reach outside of who you are now and help you develop as an adult