Health Career Information

There are many easy ways to begin finding out about health care, and you can start at any time.

  • Read stories by or about physicians, veterinarians, etc. 
  • Set your internet browser to a news site that carries articles on health, such as,, and The NY Times carries a blog called "Well" in which Tara Parker-Pope discusses medical science, nutrition, fitness and family health. The reader comments are sometimes very interesting.
  • Attend seminars at Duke that are offered occasionally on health care. Sometimes these are on global health, public policy, etc. Watch the Chronicle and the prehealth listserve for announcements.
  • If your parents have a local newspaper subscription, read it while you are at home. Your state legislature may be debating policies that affect health care in your community, such as support for early childhood teaching, funding for local clinics, abortion rights, etc.
  • The next time you are at your pediatricians, ask your pediatrician (and nurse) what they think of health care today. What changes have they seen?
  • Ask your family what their health care experiences have been like. Do they have easy access to their doctor? Do they have insurance? How much does medication cost and is it covered? Have they ever needed to use the Emergency Department?
  • If you study abroad, find out what health care is like in that country or locale.
  • Browse through the websites of medical or health profession schools in your state, or others you might be interested in.
  • For general advice on medical schools, MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), and preparing for medical school, browse through the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) website. The AAMC is a non-profit organization representing 141 accredited US and 17 accredited Canadian medical schools.
  • The Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) website lists all medical schools by state. This information is free. It also will list admissions requirements as well as other information on applicants and acceptance details, but you need to subscribe to access this information. The current cost is about $25/year.