Preparing For Your Interviews

Because most interviewers will have read your application/essays, it is wise for you to review everything you have submitted to a school before your interview. Also refer to "Interviewing Tips" and "Questions You Might Be Asked" (see sidebar) as you prepare.

Use your AdviseStream Interview Planner (and accompanying AdviseStream mobile app) to develop your interview strategies, document logistics, and then record and assess your experiences.

In addition, we suggest several resources for students who are in the process of applying to the health professions schools:

  • You should be familiar with health care issues and medical advancements that receive publicity throughout the interview season. Articles of interest can be found in the New England Journal of Medicine (in particular, the Perspective articles) and JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association. Both the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal frequently publish articles on health care, medicine and science. The AAMC web site also has articles on medical education.
  • A number of websites have appeared on which applicants can post feedback on interviews at specific schools, e.g., Be very cautious when referring to these sites—recognize that the entries are one person’s opinion.