Letters of Recommendation

As part of your application to medical, dental or another health professions school, you will be asked to have letters of evaluation submitted to schools on your behalf. These letters should be considered as “evaluations” rather than “recommendations” because they will address both your strengths and weaknesses.

The Health Professions Advising Office acts as an intermediary in the letter process. We receive the letters from your evaluators and transmit them to the admission committees at the professional schools upon your request. This involves putting together a “File of Evaluations” which includes:

  • a digital copy of each letter submitted for you to AdviseStream as well as
  • a cover sheet identifying Duke as your primary undergraduate institution.

The complete “File of Letters” or “Letter Packet” is the document that will be transmitted to health professions schools by HPA.

This is the expected process for letters of evaluations written for undergraduates as well as alumni who are applying to a health professions school. The professional schools prefer this method because of the associated efficiency in filing given the number of applicants and the number of their associated letters. General information about evaluations can be found in this section. However, be aware that to some extent, building your “File of Evaluations” is determined by your particular situation.

IMPORTANT: Letters of Evaluation are requested and submitted through AdviseStream. Visit AdviseStream to learn more.