Application Milestones for 2018 Matriculation

Month/Year Applicant Application Services Schools
Spring or early summer 2017 Take admissions test; release scores to schools and Duke HPA office    
May-June 2017 Open primary applications for entry; have transcripts sent to application services Receive official transcripts from applicant's school(s)  
May-June-July 2017 Submit primary application to central application services: TMDSAS (May) AMCAS, AADSAS, VMCAS, etc. June, July Verify transcript courses and grades; send data to schools Receive primary applications; screen applicants; send applicants secondary application
June-August 2017 Begin completing secondary applications   Screen applicants; request completion of secondary application; invite applicants to interview
June-October 2017 Submit  a PDF copy of your Processed AMCAS or other primary application to the HPA Office   Screen applicants; invite applicants to interview
August 2017-March 2018 Interview at schools; accept admission offers. If you have decided NOT to attend a school to which you have been accepted, promptly withdraw your application from that school.   Invite applicants to interview; make admissions decisions; notify applicants of decision
April 30, 2018 Applicant must hold only one acceptance in a medical school on this date (See Managing Acceptance)   Move applicants from wait list to "accept"
May 15-July 2018 Possible movement off wait list   Continue to accept off wait list
August 2018 Matriculate at school; attend orientation and White Coat Ceremony! Begin classes.   Welcome new class; White Coat ceremony