Application Timeline for 2019 Matriculation to Allopathic Medical Schools (MD)

Month/Year Applicant Application Services Schools
November 2017-January 2018 Application 101 Info Meeting; start working on your Review My Application if you have time    
January-May 2018 Complete a Review My Application (RMA) form and schedule an RMA appointment with a prehealth advisor    
May 2018 Send final transcript to AMCAS, TMDSAS Receives final transcript  
Before 1st week of June 2018 Take MCAT    
June 2018

Submit primary application to AMCAS, TMDSAS (Texas schools) as soon as possible

Submit a PDF of your Verified AMCAS application to the HPA Office so we can transmit your letters of recommendation and committee letter to AMCAS, TMDSAS

Verifies transcript courses and grades; receives our letter packet and transmits data to your selected medical schools Receive primary applications; begin to screen applicants; send applicants secondary applications
July 2018 Begin completing secondary applications   Continue to screen applicants; begin to send invitations to interview
August 2018-March 2019 Interview at schools; update your application if appropriate; accept admission offers. If you have decided NOT to attend a school to which you have been accepted, promptly withdraw your application from that school.   Invite applicants to interview; make admissions decisions; notify applicants of decision
October-November 2018     Acceptances made by schools who do rolling admissions
March-April 2019     Acceptances made by schools who do not do rolling admissions 
April 30, 2019 You can hold only one acceptance in a medical school on this date (See Managing Acceptance)   Some applicants moved from wait list to "accept"
May 15-July 2019     Some applicants continue to be admitted
August 2019 Matriculate at school; attend orientation and White Coat Ceremony! Begin classes.