How to Begin

How do you get started?  The topics listed in the left margin explain what health professions look for, the courses we recommend, tips on scheduling, how to find experiences, and many other details.  Preparing for medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or other health careers is often a developmental process, so set a program that works for you and refer to this website when you have questions.  

Don't forget to sign up for the email listserv and for AdviseStream, and meet with your Prehealth Advisor for a check at least once a year.

For New Students

We have two documents that may make your planning a little easier.  

Note to Pre-Vet and Pre-Dental Students

The information on this site refers primarily to the application process to medical, dental, and veterinary schools. Information for medical and dental schools is similar; however, veterinary schools may have slightly different requirements.  Please visit our pages dedicated to the preparation of these specific pathways and, see the Duke Pre-Vet Society website  and  Duke Pre-Dental Society website.