Prehealth Pre-Registration Information Sessions

In anticipation of prehealth course questions, we are having two prehealth pre-registration information sessions for our first- and second-year students:

Wednesday, April 4

7:00-7:45 pm, G-A Downunder, East Campus

8:15-9:00 pm, Soc Psych 126, West Campus

Prehealth and possibly preheath students are encouraged to come to one of these identical sessions.  You are also welcome to schedule appointments with your prehealth advisors:

Dean Kostyu:  For students in live(d) in Alspaugh, Bassett, Brown, and Pegram: 919-684-6217

Dr. Roy: For students who live(d) in Aycock, Epworth, Giles, Jarvis, and Wilson: 919-660-1518

Dean White: For students who live(d) in Gilbert-Addoms and Southgate: 919-684-6217.

Dean Perz-Edwards: For students who live(d) in Blackwell, Bell Tower, and Randolph: 919-684-6217