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The Office of Health Professions Advising

... works with Duke students and alumni(ae) who aspire to careers in the health professions. 

If you find yourself drawn to the health professions, take time to explore your options. You will need to take a series of courses. To help you plan, you should meet regularly with your prehealth advisor and use your AdviseStream account to track your coursework and activities. While much of the advice on this website is geared toward medical, dental, and veterinary schools, don’t forget that there are many other opportunities in the health professions (e.g., physicians’ assistant, nursing, physical therapy, public health, optometry, occupational therapy) which you may find better suited to your professional and personal goals.


Prehealth Advising Updates & Appointments

- Sign up for a Prehealth Email List

- Want to start your prehealth pathway at Duke? Request an account with AdviseStream-Prehealth by emailing

- 1st/2nd year students: See below for your assigned prehealth advisor, which depends on what dorm you live(d) in your first year.

  • Dean Kostyu (Alspaugh, Bassett, Brown and Peagram): Call 919-684-6217

  • Dean Perz-Edwards (Bell Tower, Randolph and Blackwell): Call 919-684-6217

  • Dean David Rabiner (Gilbert-Addoms and Southgate): Call 919-684-6217

  • Dr. Roy (Aycock, Epworth, Giles, Jarvis and Wilson): Call 919-660-1518 or email chris.roy@duke.edu

- Juniors, Seniors, Alumni

  • Ms. Wahl: Schedule appointments through AdviseStream Calendar

  • Dean Scheirer: Schedule appointments through AdviseStream Calendar

- Walk-in Advising for Juniors, Seniors and Alumni

  • Ms. Levitt: Mondays and Thursdays, 3:00 - 4:00 PM, 011 Allen

For questions about AdviseStream, the application timeline, letters of recommendation, completion of the primary application, and use of the AdviseStream School Selector and the Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR).

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