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The Office of Health Professions Advising

... works with Duke students and alumni who aspire to careers in the health professions. 

If you find yourself drawn to the health professions, take time to explore your options. You will need to take a series of courses. To help you plan, you should meet regularly with your prehealth advisor and use your AdviseStream account to track your coursework and activities. While much of the advice on this website is geared toward medical, dental, and veterinary schools, don’t forget that there are many other opportunities in the health professions (e.g., physicians’ assistant, nursing, physical therapy, public health, optometry, occupational therapy) which you may find better suited to your professional and personal goals.


NEW STUDENT at Duke?  

  •      Check out the "Prepare" section.

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  •      Sign up for AdviseStream here.


Duke prehealth students have many different majors from biology or chemistry to English or history.  Some study abroad in Costa Rica, Africa, China, and Spain.  Others spend time at the Duke Marine Laboratory and study in the Duke in New York and Duke in LA programs.  Some are athletes.  Some become EMTs.  Many volunteer or work in research labs and enroll in research independent studies, sometimes doing a senior honors thesis.  Duke students tutor in local elementary schools, work in summer camps, volunteer in Duke Medical Center, participate in local, national and international service (often through Duke Engage), and contribute to university life.  They fill their summers with explorations out of the classroom.  Some students enter with no health care experience and few science courses.  Others come to Duke already committed.  There is a place for everyone at Duke, with opportunities at all levels.


If you intend to apply for a Committee Letter for the upcoming application year (2016), please follow this link and complete the form. An early response is helpful for scheduling a Committee Letter Interview.

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